I had long wanted to have a prettier smile. I decided to have the cosmetic dentistry done after searching out cosmetic dentists in Arkansas. I consulted with Dr. Wyant, saw the before and after photo albums and felt his office was the place I needed to be in. The staff has been so kind and accommodating. I’ve been so impressed with my overall experience in the office. Now I can smile and not feel self-conscious. My teeth are perfect in color, shape and feel. This has been such a boost to my morale. I can’t stop looking in the mirror and smiling.

I had wanted to fix my front teeth for a long time and it was worth the wait. My family and friends noticed the change right away. People are always telling me how white my teeth are and how nice a smile I have. What a boost to my self-confidence. I love to smile.

I had porcelain veneers place years ago to hide my discolored teeth. At first I was happy to hide the discoloration. Over time I realized I wanted my teeth to look more natural and a lot whiter. I wanted to use a cosmetic dentist with a lot of experience in treating people like me. I searched the internet and found out Dr. Wyant was an accredited cosmetic dentist. The results were all that I had hoped for. I love my smile.

I was so pleased with the expert dental work and love the results. I have highly recommended Dr. Wyant’s office to my friends who are now also patients.

I had wanted to do something about my smile for a long time. I researched cosmetic dentists in Arkansas and found out about Dr. Wyant and his credentials. During my consultation I saw before and after pictures of other people he had helped and I was sold. His office staff is so nice and helped me feel so comfortable. I’m so happy with my new smile.

Great job, I Iove my new smile.

After I saw my friend’s teeth I knew Dr. Wyant could help me. He did a great job of matching my everything. Everyone in the office was so nice and helpful. I liked how everything turned out and I sent pictures of my new smile to my family back home.

Even though I was glad to have my braces off and my teeth were straight, I wasn’t happy with the way my teeth looked. I was still self-conscious of my smile because my teeth were still yellow and stained. The veneers that Dr. Wyant place on my teeth look so natural and I get compliments about my smile all the time. I love it!

Wow what a difference! I couldn’t believe I could have straight white teeth in just a few weeks. I should have done this  years ago!

I was a TV anchor in Little Rock, without TV-quality teeth. I was so lucky to find Dr. Wyant. He did what six other cosmetic dentists across three states and cities, including two in Little Rock, said couldn’t be done. My upper teeth were crooked and rotated before Invisalign……Dr. Wyant moved them back into place without the embarrassment of wire braces. And, in my opinion, well worth the cost! In fact I moved half way across the country in the middle of treatment, and continuing flying back to Little Rock to see Dr. Wyant – he’s that good! Manny, many thanks to you and your staff – I miss you guys!


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