Children's Dentistry

Today, It’s More Than Just Dental Health For Kids!

Kelley with patients Little Rock, ARChildren’s dentistry serves a more important role than ever before. Most know that proper dental care is critical to young people’s health. But today, pediatric dentistry serves an even larger place in the lives of our young people because of the increased social connection, pressure and challenges they are forced to face. They see this in every aspect of their life that is then magnified by the connectivity provided online and offline through technology.

Social media and technology in general has connected people in ways that were once only dreamed of. But, one of the side effects of these advancements is the pressure and impact on young people. The rate at which faces, smiles and images are shared on social media, texts, apps etc. is astronomical. This creates a great deal of social pressure and sometimes even anxiety for kids as they realize it or feel insecure about their smile. So what was once our focus on dental health has now grown to further emphasize the benefits of confidence, appearance and emotional security for children and teens.

At Smile Arkansas, we have a wide range of services and options to help your family. Cleanings and checkups are a great place to start, and there are many additional services we can offer as well. Some of these dental procedures you can read about on other pages here on the website. ¬†For specific answers and customized solutions for any of your children’s dentistry needs, just contact our office today.


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