Full Mouth Rehabilitation

It’s not uncommon for some people to seek dental care on an episodic basis. When they have a dental problem they go to their dentist to have this particular dental issue addressed. Years of dental episodic or emergencies visits, treating one or two teeth at a time can result in patchwork dentistry. The shade of dental work done at different times may not match or the bite may be off. The esthetics, function and overall dental health are compromised. This disease model, so common in health care today, focuses on treating problems instead of optimizing dental health. Full Mouth Rehabilitation utilizes a wellness model of care to maximize the beauty and longevity of the oral health system.

The Whole Mouth

Dr. Wyant will look at your whole mouth accessing your jaw and bite function, health of your teeth and gums as well as the esthetics of your smile. In a healthy beautiful smile, form, function and esthetics are all in harmony. Implementing a plan of optimal dental health can result in complete comfort and a great smile.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

  • Optimal Dental Health
  • Improved Overall Health
  • Longevity of Teeth
  • Optimal Functional Bite, chew in complete comfort
  • Optimal Esthetics, have a great smile
  • Healthy jaw joints, reducing headaches and jaw pain

The Planning Process

In some cases extensive planning is undertaken for a full mouth rehabilitation from start to finish. Though Dr. Wyant generally provides all treatment for a full mouth rehabilitation, sometimes he will partner with other dental specialists so patients can get the best care possible. Dr. Wyant always directs and coordinates any treatment with specialists, such as periodontists (gum specialists), endodontists (root canal specialists) and oral surgeons. Our goal is to achieve optimal dental health, esthetics and longevity of your new smile.

Implementing Your Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

Dr. Wyant will remove any cracked, leaking or worn down silver fillings, as well as any old crowns and bridgework that no longer fits or don’t match the tooth shade you desire. He will treat any gum disease to insure healthy supporting structures for your new dental work as well as contouring your gums if needed. Your functional bite will be optimized insuring the best possible health for your jaw joints and allowing you to chew in comfort. Following your customized esthetic plan, Dr. Wyant may whiten your teeth, place porcelain veneers or crowns, restore dental implants and any other treatment to give you a great smile.

Denture Wearers

Many people who wear complete dentures are not happy when their teeth move upon eating or speaking. Years of wearing dentures causes the gums to shrink and dentures to become lose. In many cases dental adhesives are no longer effective in stabilizing their dentures. Dental implant supported dentures have become an extremely effective solution to this problem. Dentures are super stable, no longer slipping and moving. Patients who have undergone this treatment report a high level of satisfaction and confidence while in social settings.

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