Looking For Refreshment This Summer?

5 ways to freshen your breath naturally

Little Rock AR DentistHow are you handling the summer heats this year? We hope you have a pool, lake or ocean that you can go to for a refreshing cool off. It’s important to stay out of the heat, if you can. If you can’t, be sure to hydrate yourself with plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Your body needs refreshment on these hot summer Arkansas days.

Your mouth also may need a little refreshment this summer. There are ways you can naturally offer your mouth the gift of refreshment using methods that are straight from nature.

  • By properly brushing and flossing your teeth, you can maintain a fresh and clean mouth.
  • During your brushing and flossing routine, be sure to scrape your tongue every once in awhile. You can do this by brushing it with your toothbrush, or by using a tongue scraper.
  • Mint leaves are awesome for refreshment. Go ahead and grab some mint leaves and chew on them. They taste good, and offer immediate minty breath. Go ahead and swallow the leaves when you’re finished and your digestive system will thank you for it as well!
  • Bite on a lemon and discover it’s refreshing power immediately. You may want to sprinkle a lemon wedge with a little salt. You’ll be puckering up for some fresh smooches right away!
  • Chew on aromatic spices such as clove, cardamom, and fennel. These have antimicrobial properties that will help freshen your breath.

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