Night Guards

Dr. Wyant recommends custom made “night guards” to benefit patients who regularly brush their teeth and schedule general dental treatments, but have TMJ issues or want to protect cosmetic restorations during occasional nocturnal grinding. Night guards are NOT “mouth guards”, which are usually used during sports participation to protect your teeth from injury. Mouth guards are not a substitute for a custom made night guard and night guards are made of a hard durable plastic that is custom made to fit your teeth and accommodate your bite.

Night guards are especially helpful for people who suffer from bruxism, the grinding of teeth while sleeping. Though some people brux during the day while concentrating on a task or under stress, most instances of grinding occurs during sleep. Bruxism can lead to worn down teeth (especially the front), broken teeth, fillings and crowns, nerve damage to teeth, receding gums as well as contributing to TMJ Issues. Night time wear of night guards provide a clear benefit for people who brush their teeth.

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