Oral Cancer 101

Dr. Wyant at Smile Arkansas cares about the health and appearance of your teeth. Caring for your total dental care is our top priority. We make sure you maintain the health of your teeth and gums through regular checkups and cleanings. We also want to offer you ways to lower your risks relating to your dental care.

Oral cancer includes the cancers of your mouth and your throat. Each year, about 28,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer, which result in a little over 7,000 deaths. Because oral cancer spreads quickly, it is important to diagnose and treat it early and quickly.

You can lower your risk of oral cancer by:

  • Stop using tobacco products. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff, pipes and cigars increase your risk for all cancers including oral cancer.
  • Use lip balm with sunscreen. Sun exposure is the top cause for lip cancer.
  • If you drink over 1.6 oz. of alcohol per day it doubles your risk for oral cancer.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables per day. A healthy diet may reduce your risk of cancer by 30%.

There are some common early warning signs for oral cancer. A sore or irritated lump may form in your mouth, lip or throat. A white or red patch may appear in your mouth. If you are experiencing a sensation that something is caught in your throat, this could be an early warning sign. Numbness in your tongue or mouth may begin. You may be having difficulty chewing swallowing, moving your jaw or tongue. Pain in one ear without hearing loss may begin.

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