Root Canal

When healthy teeth become infected or are damaged, their nerves often die. When the nerves die, the teeth die along with them. Often, the only way to save such an infected tooth is through a root canal. During this general dentistry treatment, a tiny hole is drilled into the crown of the tooth, and the diseased dental pulp (which contains the dead nerves) is gently extracted or reshaped. Next, the tooth is sealed with a strong, natural-looking crown.

One of the biggest concerns of patients young and old when it comes to needing a root canal is “will it hurt?”, especially if they’ve had a bad experience somewhere else. The great news is that Little Rock, Arkansas families know when they visit Dr. Wyant and the team at Smile Arkansas, they can trust that they will be comfortable and cared for. We know the stereotypes of visiting the dentist and how most don’t look forward to it, but at Smile Arkansas you’ll find that we do things different. Our patients comfort is a top priority for us and that’s why families feel safe referring friends and family to us for the same great care when it comes to a root canal and other dental needs.

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