Same Day Dentistry

Oral care is vital to keeping a healthy, beautiful smile. Routine checkups, cleanings and scheduling needed treatments should be a priority for you and your family. However, life can get busy and routine appointments get missed or small dental issues can become urgent. When you need to get in for a same day dental appointment, call us at Smile Arkansas. We welcome the chance to meet your oral health needs.

While we recommend that our patients schedule general dentistry in advance whenever possible, we also understand life can get in the way. Many people have irregular work and school schedules that make it difficult to make appointments in advance. Plus, emergencies occur and our patients can need urgent dental care immediately. To accommodate these needs, we leave room in our schedule for same day appointments. It is just another way we strive to give our patients excellent care and service.

We May Be Able to See You Today!

Do you have a severe toothache or time to finally get that chipped tooth repaired? Call us at Smile Arkansas and ask for a same day appointment. We cannot promise we can always get you in the same day – emergency issues will take top priority – but if we have room in our schedule, we will be happy to see you. We treat all our patients like part of our family and make them feel at home, whether you made your appointment weeks ago, or just called today.

We accept same day appointments from existing and new patients. If you have been looking for a caring dentist in the Little Rock area that offers emergency, general and cosmetic dental care, contact Smile Arkansas today. We accept many dental insurance plans and have convenient payment options to meet your budget needs.


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