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Smile Makeover

smile-makeoverExperience an Extreme Smile Makeover in Little Rock, Arkansas

The popularity of extreme smile makeovers has skyrocketed since the unveiling of ABC’s hit reality show Extreme Makeover, which showcases the life-changing experiences of people chosen to undergo corrective cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dental procedures. In many cases, the most stunning changes are seen after the extreme smile makeover. In Little Rock, Arkansas, and nationwide, many individuals wish to undergo a smile makeover after being exposed to the possibilities of completely transforming their smile and their lives. They see firsthand the emotional energy redirected for someone who has suffered all his or her life with an unattractive smile. They see the tears shed, the joy, and the new found confidence from transforming their smile into a work of art.

Benefits of the Extreme Smile Makeover

An Extreme Smile Makeover benefits those patients in Little Rock, Arkansas, most who have a flawed or imperfect smile. A smile makeover can correct several deficiencies such as discolored, crooked, worn, missing, or gapped teeth. They may also experience severe misalignment of their teeth and bite problems. Using a properly developed smile design by an experienced cosmetic dentist, a dazzling extreme smile makeover can lead to stunning results. A smile design is a custom tailored plan that takes into consideration the patient’s personal desires, age, sex, facial shape, lip contours and broadness of smile.

Smile Makeover Treatments

Several different dental procedures can be used for an Extreme Smile Makeover at our office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Teeth are commonly whitened as a first step of the Smile Makeover, as most people want whiter teeth, and a brighter smile. An in-office system, such as Zoom® teeth whitening is the technique of choice because it yields the best results in the shortest time possible, usually about an hour. Porcelain veneers and crowns are also used frequently because of the variety of problems they can address. Using porcelain veneers, no prep veneers or crowns, teeth can be made whiter and natural-looking, longer, straightened instantly, spaces between teeth closed, misalignments corrected, and bites improved. Missing teeth can be replaced by beautiful porcelain bridgework and long-lasting and secure dental implants. Gum re-contouring can also help achieve symmetry and contribute to a balanced, harmonious smile.

Extreme Smile Makeovers – Changing Lives, Renewing Confidence

An Extreme Smile Makeover can do more than change our Little Rock, Arkansas, patients’ smiles; it can rejuvenate their lives. It’s amazing how a smile makeover can help you look and feel years younger. Many people who have undergone the experience feel a new sense of confidence and well-being as well as enhanced professional and personal relationships. It’s widely accepted that looking your best can be important in career satisfaction and success. A dazzling smile can give you the confidence in your personal relationships and may even help you meet that special someone. Best of all, even the most extreme case can be completed in two or three easy, comfortable visits. What better way to show the world the true you than with a beautiful new smile.

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If you would like to learn more about extreme smile makeover options, please contact Smile Arkansas to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wyant about your smile makeover today.

Smile Makeover

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