Is Your TMJ Causing You Discomfort?

Little Rock AR Family DentistYour temporomandibular joint, or otherwise known as TMJ, can cause you pain and discomfort. Often times the discomfort is associated with the locking, tightening, clicking or stress on the side of your jaw region in your mouth. This joint connects each side of your jaw to your skull. The strategic location of this joint allows it to control your mouth and jaw movements such as, opening and closing, side-to side and chewing motions.

When your TMJ is compromised, it can cause a condition called TMD to arise. TMD is temporomandibular disorder. This disorder can be caused by numerous factors.

Factors that could cause your TMD include:

  • A piece of your cartilage in your jaw that slips out of place.
  • Injury related to your mouth or jaw
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)


To relieve some of the painful symptoms of TMJ you may try:

  • Exercise to relieve stress and tension
  • Hot or Cold compresses applied to the jaw region
  • Over-the-counter pain medications
  • Lavender oil massaged on your jaw region
  • Eat soft and easy to chew foods
  • Avoid unnecessary biting or chewing such as gum chewing and biting of nails
  • Book your appointment with Dr. Wyant at Smile Arkansas


If you are experiencing TMJ pain, there is hope for you. Dr. Wyant and his team at Smile Arkansas offer TMJ treatment for patients like you! He will assess your case thoroughly and suggest a customized dental treatment for your TMJ discomfort.

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