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Here at Smile Arkansas, we take great pride in the incredible results we provide our patients. Scroll down to discover just a few of the fabulous smiles we’ve created with our advanced dental technology and Dr. Wyant’s significant expertise. When you’re ready to experience your own transformation, give us a call at 501.821.4200 or click here.

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Case 1 - No Prep Veneers

Case Description This high school senior had always avoided smiling because her teeth were discolored, too small and spaced out. Her perfect solution would be placing No Prep Veneers to transform her smile. Since her teeth were small and spaced out, we simply made molds of her teeth and had our technician make beautiful natural looking veneers for her. The whole process did not involve any drilling of her natural teeth or shots. We slipped the new veneers over her natural teeth and bonded them in place for an incredible new smile.

Case 2 - Traditional Veneers

This young bride to be wanted her smile to be the best it could be for her upcoming engagement photos and subsequent wedding. She was unhappy with her previous cosmetic dental work as her teeth were different shades and not uniform in size. She wanted a beautiful healthy looking natural smile. We placed porcelain veneers on her upper 4 front teeth with outstanding results.

Case 3 - No Prep Veneers

This college student at the U of A planned for years in advance to improve her smile. We saw her as a high school senior when she had braces. She realized her teeth were undersized and even with braces her smile would not be ideal. We instructed the orthodontist where to position her teeth so we could use no prep veneers to give her an incredible new smile.

Case 4 - Traditional Veneers

This college student had braces for several years but knew she would need more than braces for an ideal smile. She had one undersized front tooth with excess gum tissue. We instructed the orthodontist on the proper alignment of her upper front teeth so we could get the best result. We provided a gum lift then placed veneers of her four front teeth to give a beautiful new smile.

Case 5 - No Prep Veneers

As a business executive this patient was concerned about the appearance of her teeth when she smiled. It is important to her to project a positive image in her company and meeting with clients. Her teeth were basically healthy but worn and discolored. She was interested in conservative treatment options. No Prep Veneers provided and ideal solution as we gave her a beautiful new smile without altering her natural teeth.

Case 6 - Traditional Veneers

This young female sales executive was unhappy with her smile. Her front teeth were worn, crooked and discolored. She realized her appearance is important in her career since she interacts with so many people on a daily basis. She wanted to create a positive image when working clients. We whitened all of her teeth with Zoom then placed porcelain veneers on her upper 10 front teeth.

Case 7 - Traditional Veneers

This executive was uncomfortable smiling in family photos and around business associates. She was unhappy with her unsightly crowns her family dentist placed several years ago. She said her crowns looked "fake" and didn't match her natural teeth. She wanted her teeth to be whiter and look more natural giving her confidence to smile without hiding her teeth. We whitened her teeth and place all porcelain crowns and veneers on her 10 upper front teeth. She was thrilled with her new smile and confident in smiling in public again.

Case 8 - No Prep Veneers

This medical executive had healthy teeth which were slightly undersized and spaced out. After considering several options, including orthodontics, she chose to have No Prep Veneers placed on her six upper front teeth. She was thrilled with her new smile and happy we could preserve her natural teeth.

Case 9 - Traditional Veneers

This woman was not happy with the wear, alignment and discoloration of her front teeth when she smiled. Traditional veneers gave her the beautiful smile she had always wanted.

Case 10 - Ceramic Crowns

This young bride to be had found the perfect dress for her upcoming wedding and wanted a smile to match. She had an accident as a girl and her family dentist place crowns on her front teeth. She wanted her teeth front teeth to look more natural so we placed crowns that perfectly matched her existing natural teeth.

Case 11 - Smile Makeover with Ceramic Crowns

This education executive was interesting in improving his smile after many years of dental care. He had different teeth treated at different times which resulted in a mismatched color and look of his front teeth when he smiled. He wanted whiter teeth and a more uniform smile.

Case 12 - One Porcelain Veneer

This woman had injured her upper right front tooth in an accident years ago. The tooth had been repaired with cosmetic bonding. She was initially pleased with the results but over time realized the cosmetic repair was noticeable. The tooth was a different shape than the adjacent front tooth which ideally should match uniformly. The texture of the bonding was also rough and didn't match the natural glossy look of her natural teeth. She wanted a more natural looking long lasting result. Matching a single front tooth is one of the most difficult cosmetic procedures in dentistry. Working with our talented technician we were able to place a porcelain veneer that matched perfectly.

Case 13 - Traditional Veneers

This young woman was very conscious of her smile since her teeth were worn, gapped and discolored. She wanted to smile with confidence again by having her teeth to look natural and her smile more uniform. We used porcelain veneers to give her an incredible new smile.

Case 14 – Traditional Veneers

This busy business executive had developed of a habit of grinding his teeth at night. His front teeth were worn, chipped and sensitive due to his bruxism. He had become self conscious of his smile since his front teeth had worn down so much they weren’t even visible when he smiled. He wanted he smile back but also wanted protect his teeth from his grinding at night. We restored his smile with porcelain veneers and made a protective mouth guard he wears at night.

Case 15 - No Prep Veneers

This medical sales executive had always wanted to improve her smile. Her teeth were very healthy but she had undersized front teeth. She was an ideal candidate for No Prep Veneers. She loves her new smile and is happy that her natural teeth were preserved.

Case 16 - Smile Makeover with Veneers

This woman had a nice broad smile but her spaced out front teeth were easily visible. She was very self conscious of smiling and wanted a solution that didn't involve braces. We placed porcelain veneers to close the spaces and give her an incredible new smile

Case 17 - Traditional Veneers

This 50 year old house wife had significant wear, erosion and discoloration of her front teeth. She heard about our practice from a neighbor. We were able to use traditional porcelain veneers to give her a fantastic new smile.

Case 18 - Traditional Veneers

This 35 year old medical sales executive was unhappy with her worn and spaced front teeth and wanted a smile makeover before her upcoming wedding. She had always had spaces on the sides of her front teeth but over time her teeth had become darker and now worn making her look older than she wanted. It was time for her to have a more healthy and youthful smile before her wedding. We placed porcelain veneers on her 6 upper front teeth for a dazzling new smile.

Case 19 - Smile Makeover with Veneers/Crowns

This senior sales executive was not happy with her worn discolored teeth. She wanted a more confident youthful look since she was in the public so much. Her main goal was to have straight white teeth and a broad smile. A combination of porcelain veneers and crowns gave her the smile she was looking for.

Case 20 - Whitening/Traditional Veneers

This male college student was unhappy with the color, chipping and crowding of his front teeth. He wanted his teeth to be whiter and straight. He also didn't want to consider braces for the crowding and wanted a new smile as soon as possible. He was a perfect candidate for "instant orthodontics" using porcelain veneers. We whitened all of his teeth with Zoom in one visit then placed porcelain veneers on his upper and lower front teeth.

Case 21 - Bridgework

This 40 year old man fractured the root of his front tooth. The tooth could not be saved and plans were made for its removal. The tooth had been restored years ago with an unesthetic porcelain crown. Though he didn't want to lose his front tooth, he would be happy if the replacement looked better than the crown currently on his tooth. After considering all our options we decided to remove the hopeless tooth and replace it with very natural looking bridgework that matched his existing natural teeth.

Case 22 - Smile Makeover with Ceramic Crowns

This successful local attorney wanted to improve his smile and make his teeth to look more natural. He had always been unhappy with the look of the crowns on his front teeth his family dentist had placed years ago.

Case 23 - Smile Makeover with Ceramic Crowns

This young mother of three had worn braces on her teeth for several years as a young child. Having difficulty keeping her teeth clean with braces on resulted in cavities forming and decalcification of the enamel of her front teeth. She wanted a more natural looking smile which we achieved with ceramic crowns.

Case 24 - Traditional Veneers

This young business executive had always been self-conscious of her upper front teeth when she smiled. She was unhappy with the crowding and unsightly fillings in her teeth. Using porcelain veneers we were able to correct the alignment and give her a natural looking healthy smile.

Case 25 - Traditional Veneers

This young Air Force officer had originally inquired about fixing his chipped teeth and closing the space between his front teeth with Invisalign. After learning that porcelain veneers would be a better option he chose this solution and got his new smile in a matter of weeks.

Case 26 - Smile Makeover with Ceramic Crowns

This retired business woman had always been unhappy with the look of her smile. Her old crowns were too yellow and didn’t look natural. We improved the look of her front teeth by using natural looking ceramic crowns to give her a beautiful new smile.

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