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gum therapy in little rock arIf you’re experiencing sore gums or have other concerns about the condition of your gums, then expert gum therapy in Little Rock, AR, could be the solution you need. Our dental team at Smile Arkansas offers extensive gum treatment as an effective way to treat issues like gingivitis, periodontitis, or even to transform your “gummy” smile. We strive to provide you with the highest level of care throughout your gum therapy, and you can count on us to answer all your questions and keep you informed throughout your treatment. After all, your comfort and health are our top priorities!

Is Gum Disease Causing Your Discomfort?

There are many causes of gum, or periodontal, disease but it is most often caused by poor dental hygiene. Those who do not brush and floss regularly will experience a buildup of plaque, which then hardens to tartar. While plaque is usually easier to remove from teeth, tartar hides in hard-to-reach crevices and eventually can cause inflamed and bleeding gums. This initial stage of gum disease is called gingivitis. In addition to your often red, swollen gums, signs of gingivitis can also include bad breath.

Some mouths are also prone to gum disease or deterioration due to certain ligaments being tighter, shorter, or looser than they should be in an ideal mouth. In addition, factors like smoking, poor diet, piercings, and family history can contribute to gum problems and cause more damage. Regardless of good dental habits or optimal diet, certain mouths simply need routine gum treatment.

When Should You Visit Our Specialist for Gum Therapy in Little Rock, AR?

Periodontal disease progresses in stages. Left untreated, it can lead to a number of health problems, including heart disease. Bleeding gums are usually one of the first symptoms – the onset is a good time to start your treatment before the disease progresses. Our experienced dental team uses deep cleanings, medications, and special mouthwash to fight the infection of the gums and allow the tissue to heal. With our effective treatments, the early stages of gum disease can often be reversed to restore a healthy mouth.

Gum Therapy Also Improves Your “Gummy Smile”

Our doctors also offer a procedure called a gingivectomy. More commonly known as a “gum lift,” a gingivectomy can reduce the effects of chronic gum disease. In addition, for patients who don’t have gum disease but are self-conscious about the appearance of their gums, a gum lift procedure can shape or remove excess gum tissue. For this type of gum therapy in Little Rock, AR, our doctors can quickly and painlessly restore your smile – one you are proud to show again!

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Schedule your appointment with us by calling 501.821.4200 or click here for our online appointment form. If you are interested in any of the other restorative or cosmetic services offered at Smile Arkansas, take advantage of our Free Smile Makeover Consultation, or our Free Invisalign Smile Analysis. These FREE evaluative appointments give patients a great opportunity to explore our different treatment options, as well as have all their questions answered by our expert dental team. Call 501.821.4200 or click here today.

As one of the premier dental practices in Arkansas, our team at Smile Arkansas also provides comprehensive gum therapy to patients from Little Rock, Maumelle, Bryant, Benton, Cabot, Sherwood, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Pine Bluff, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Russellville, El Dorado, and Camden, AR.

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