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dental bonding little rock arDental bonding is a safe and effective method to repair many imperfections to teeth. If you are self-conscious about your crooked, injured, or discolored teeth, dental bonding may be the perfect way to put a smile back on your face. Dental bonding allows our doctors to quickly restore your teeth so they look more uniform and aesthetically pleasing. The process involves using a thin resin composite to mask stains, fill in cracks or repair small chips. Our high-quality bonding looks completely natural and the results can last for years.

Dental Bonding Is a Popular Option for Patients in the Little Rock Metropolitan Area

Patients appreciate how quickly they can improve their smiles with bonding. Once you have your initial consultation and choose bonding to renew your smile, you can complete the bonding process in one appointment, depending on how many teeth you are having done.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

Our dental bonding specialist in Little Rock will first select the composite resin color that perfectly matches the color of your natural teeth. Our doctor then prepares the tooth by gently scraping the surface and adding a conditioning material so that the bonding will properly adhere. Next, he applies the appropriate color resin to the tooth and creates the correct shape. Once the bonding is in position, we will use a special laser to cement the bonding into your tooth. After the bonding completely hardens, the last step is to further shape, trim, and polish the bonding so that it beautifully blends with the rest of your teeth.

How Do You Care For Your New Bonding?

Because drinking dark colored beverages like coffee, tea, or cola can discolor the bonding material, we recommend you avoid these type of liquids for 48 hours after your procedure. In addition, tobacco products also can stain the resin. The best care for bonding is to continue with your normal brushing and flossing routine and schedule your regular dental checkups every six months.

Find Out if Dental Bonding in Little Rock, AR, Is Right for You

Call 501.821.4200 or click here to schedule our FREE Consultation. During your complimentary evaluation, we will review your treatment options with you and answer any questions you may have. We always want to ensure you’re completely comfortable before beginning treatment.

As one of the premier dental practices in Arkansas, our team at Smile Arkansas also provides dental bonding to patients from Little Rock, Maumelle, Conway, Bryant, Benton, Cabot, Sherwood, Hot Springs, Hot Springs Village, Pine Bluff, Fayetteville, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, Russellville, El Dorado, and Camden, AR.

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