Does Fido Have Your Invisalign Trays Hostage As A Chew Toy?

Little Rock AR Invisalign ProviderIt’s such an odd picture to imagine, but your dog could possibly get your Invisalign aligner tray and not ever want to give it back! For some strange reason, only known to dogs, dogs are attracted to your saliva. Therefore, anything that comes out of your mouth such as a retainer, mouth guard, night guard or clear Invisalign tray may be your dog’s next unexpected chew treat!

We’re not sure why your dog likes your saliva so much, but we do know how to prevent this. First of all, you have two choices for anything used in your mouth. The first choice is to keep it in your mouth. When it’s in your mouth, it can’t be in Fido’s mouth at the same time. Pretty self-explanatory there!

Secondly, when you received your Invisalign or any other mouthpiece, you most likely received a container. Use it! If what’s in your mouth, is not in your mouth, it should be protected in the designated holder. This not only helps ensure your dog won’t sniff it out, but it also helps protect you from losing it.

The benefits of Invisalign are tremendous. It’s an irresistible choice for people desiring to straighten your teeth. But, keep in mind that your dog may find it irresistible as a chew toy as well.

At Smile Arkansas, we are here to help you with all of your dental needs, including replacing anything chewed by your beloved dog. Call and book your appointment with us today.

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